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JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 15.1

Extract visual elements from SWF animation files
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Extract and replace shapes, images, frames, sounds, and movies from SWF. Optionally, edit the text located in a file. Process SWF and GFX video and access the toolset for the browsing, editing and exporting of the ActionScript code directly or via the assembler source.

JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler can decompile the contents of Flash files, including SWF, GFX, and SWC. In this respect, it is excellent news that the tool supports extracting and editing such embedded resources as shapes, buttons, and sprites. This way, it makes it possible to create a new Flash file by changing the original contents, like images, text, and sounds. It is also great that the program gives you access to the ActionScript code, which allows you to change the item’s behavior. However, this feature is still reported as experimental.

In terms of formats, the tool is quite versatile. For instance, it can convert SWF to FLA and XML as well as export as SWG and HTML5 Canvas. In respect to other useful features, the program gives you the possibility of searching and replacing specific strings within the object. Likewise, it supports hex dump view with color highlighting. Fortunately, the tool is multiplatform; however, this comes with the inconvenience of needing to install a Java machine.

All in all, JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler does its job perfectly. Although I would not say that it is difficult to use, this tool certainly requires knowing what you are doing, which means that it is not appropriate for any kind of user. Finally, it is a blessing that the product is absolutely free and open-source.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multi-platform
  • Supports converting between formats
  • Allows editing the embedded resources
  • Lets you edit the included ActionScript code


  • Needs installing a Java machine
  • Not suitable for all types of users
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